Guys and Dolls Tournament, December 8th and 9th at 5 pm EST

Guys 19 wins, Dolls 17 wins, more details on Guys and Dolls page


July 13th, 2010

TD55/Val took over last Sunday’s tournament on a short notice. The tournament was originally¬†scheduled for June Winners’, but FF was ouf of town with no access to the internet.

June Winners’ has therefore been postponed until Sunday July 18th at 3 pm


Dear members,

Previous problems we had with updating have all been solved.

2008 has come to an end and Ron, our points administrator, has supplied some interesting details that you can find in the Standings section.



September ended and results have been uploaded. You will also find amount of winners per player and amount of  TD/AD duties done by our team members for first 3 quaters of this year.


The design of the site has been changed. We have removed the MY SHARED FILES Box and Standings can now be downloaded from the proper “Standings” page.

We will include Standings in future posts like this:




We’ve copied the album from to the new site. This is the final addition needed for this site to contain in full everything from the old site.

Blogs, such as this one, are not particularly well suited for this type of album. So we had to come up with a bit of a “creative solution“, but please let us know, if you experience anything that does not work the way it seems intended.

You will find links to the album in the header and right sidebar menu.


This is the new site of the Total Points Tournament Bridge Club.

Eventually, as my expertise in blogging enhances, all info regarding TPTC will feature on this site.

Standings are no longer an integral part of the site, but you can find them in the black MY SHARED FILES Box to the right. From there you can download to your computer the lists you want to see. Unless you wish to keep or file the lists permanently I recommend that you place them on your desktop and delete them when you no longer find them relevant.



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